Why are PowerBomb DJ’s the best option for your next party or event?

When you plan an event, you not only want everybody to be entertained, you want them to talk about the fun they had for a long time.  Providing that right DJ to play the best songs, take requests, and manage the event so you can mingle and entertain your guests is what any party host desires.  We work together with you!  Its your show, not ours. We do ALL EVENTS: birthday parties, anniversary parties, graduations, etc.

What you will get by booking with us:

  • Music from every genre (clean versions of songs too!)
  • Fun, personable DJ’s who read your crowd / audience and plays the best songs to keep your party going!
  • Lights and decor to give that WOW effect.
  • Password to our Client Login Site to manage help manage your event.

TV Displays

Welcome to the next level of entertainment. Two flat screen (LED, Plasma, or LCD) televisions, your choice of size ranging from 32″ to 55″ set upon our stands, covered with scrim and highlighted with uplighting to give a very beautiful effect that will please everyone. This is a great addition for showing videos, slideshows, etc at any indoor or outdoor venue.

Projection & Screen

Bigger is always better.  So when you want to sing all night, watch fun videos, or play a game with a character the same size as you, an HD PROJECTOR AND SCREEN is the way to go.  Even if you want a slideshow or video to present at your event, this is a great option!

Video Presentations

You can use our VIDEO PRESENTATIONS to create some extremely amazing, emotional videos to give, send, or show to that special someone or your guests.  Whether they are moving away, celebrating a big birthday, got engaged, celebrating their anniversary, or remembering the past with your guests, either at your event or anytime you want, these videos HIT THE SPOT!  We can interview those who are close to that person, collect all the photos of them that you would want, professionally edit, and create a video that will blow them away!  They will never forget it, because they will own it on their DVD or stored forever online.


Use the Photobooth to capture the best emotion out of everyone.  With unlimited prints, ridiculous props, and a fun, inviting attendant to make your event unique!  How cool would it be for your son/daughter to have the best party EVER and have pictures to prove it.

Fun Add On – Photobooth Books


Everyone loves to play GAMES! People dance, but sometimes, dancing isn’t enough for your party!  We can provide very unique, extremely entertaining, and full-on interactive games that all your guests can enjoy.